Cranes and conveyor

Using our products, the roll and sliding friction that occurs under extreme conditions in crane vehicles between gears and/or between the wheel flange and the sides of the railare relieved, and the wear is considerably reduced. As a result, the service life of these heavily loaded components is significantly extended.

Our range of lubricants is also used in conveyor technology for:
– Crane wheel flange and rail
– Chains of the conveyor belts
– Escalators
– Wire rope care.

Industry and machinery

IGRALUB lubricants for industry and machinery are used universally.

Applications such as the following:
– Lubrication of open gears
– Drive lubrication
– Chain lubrication
– Drive chain lubrication
– Spindle lubrication
– Bulk freight wagon.

Automotive and Bike

The products with swiss know-how for the automobile guarantee the optimal functionality of all moving parts on the vehicles. Aggressive environmental influences that lead to seizure and oxidation are effectively blocked.

Unique in the world of the brakes, annoying brake squeal and uneven wear of the braking surfaces are eliminated by IGRALUB spray.

For bicycle (bike) and motorcycle brakes an analog product has been developed.