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BSS ® Brake Service Spray

High performance metal-based release agent.
400 & 50 ml Spray for car, truck, motorcycle und bike.

The solid lubricant fractions are pressed into the pores of the metal surface by the mechanical movement of the brake components. This fills out any depressions and thereby enlarges the braking surface. The resulting coating offers excellent protection against the penetration of water, dirt and salt.
– Prevents brake squeal without the braking effect
– Temperature resistant from -30°C to +1300°C
– dissipates heat
– Prevents the seizure of the brake shoes or pads
– Prevents uneven wear of the brakes
– Extends the lifetime of the brake shoes or pads
– Reduces the formation of brake dust
– Prevents blocking of the brake jaws
– Increases braking security
– Facilitates dismantling.

CeramLub ® 2kdd

High temperature ceramic paste for brake systems. Fitting and release paste.
200 ml two-chamber pressure can with brush adapter.

CeramLub ® used worldwide for the treatment of brakes during installation and service. It contains more than 30% solid lubricant on a ceramic basis. This prevents tribocorrosion and produces an outstanding separation effect up to 1’600°C.
– Temperature resistant from -20°C to + 1600 °C
– Resistant to salt water, acids and alkalis
– Water repellent, protects against corrosion and does
 not become gummy
– Resists fretting corrosion
– Prevents seizure and bonding
– High pressure absorption, is adherent, and guarantees
 long-term lubrication
– Reduces noise
– Noise abatement during braking
– Elastomers, rubber and plastic will not be stressed
– Effective during the entire service life of brake shoes 
 and disks.

PasteLub ® 10/12

Fitting and release paste.

PasteLub 10/12 is an antiseizure and lubrication agent in a metallic basis developed according to the latest finding in tribology, which operates at temperatures from -180° to +1300°.
An antioxidation additive with wear-reducing and corrosion protective inhibitors provides an excellent long-term protection against seizure and corrosion.
For Screw connections of all kinds, static and moving construction elements, steel and machine industry, jointed connections on building machines, lubrication of open gears and spindles, operational maintenance in the chemical industry, seals as a release agent, manhole covers, lubrication of bolts and bushes in brake linkages in the area of motor and rail vehicles as well as agricultural machinery.
Performance Features
Even after many years of exposure to high temperatures and loads and aggressive environmental factors, it is possible to dismantle the treated parts.
– Resistant to moisture
– Sprayed water and salt water
– Protects against corrosion
– Water repellent
– Resistant to pressure
– Reduces noise
– Does not form gummy deposits
– Reduces wear
– Adhesive.
Long-term lubrication increases sealing effectiveness, prevents burning together, seizures and welding.
Technical data
NLGI          2-3      
Solid lubricant content  >30%
Application temperature -30 to +180°C
easy biodegradability
low temperature
high temperature

CeramLub ® 35 purple

High-temperature ceramic paste for brake systems.
Fitting and release paste.

CeramLub 35 purple contains more than 30% of solid lubricants on a ceramic basis, which prevent tribo-corrosion and produce an excellent release effect up to +1600°C.
CeramLub 35 purple is used as an antiseizure paste for all standard metallic materials because it contains no electrochemically active metals.
For the tightening and lubrication of cylinders, gear wheels, shafts, bolts, springs, Bowden cables, brake and steering rods, brake cylinders, jaws, calipers, threaded spark plugs, screw exhaust fittings, set screws, wheel bolts etc.
Performance Features
CeramLub 35 purple is
– Resistant to salt water, acids and alkalis
– Water repellent, protects against corrosion, does not harden
– Against frictional corrosion
– Prevents seizing and bonding
– High pressure loading, is non-adhesive and guarantees
 long-term lubrication
– Temperature resistant from -20 °C to +1600 °C
– Noise reduction during braking
– Elastomers, rubber and plastic are not stressed
– Effective during the complete service life of the brake pads and
CeramLub 35 purple, the high temperature ceramic paste can be easily machined. It forms an effective corrosion protection film on steels that are vulnerable to rust.
The paste contains no electrically conducting components that could lead to short-circuits in the electrical connections of ABS sensors or in wear detectors.
Technical data
NLGI          2      
Solid lubricant content  >30%
Application temperature -30 to +80°C
high temperature

Bike Silencer

Brake service spray for two-wheelers.
Fitting and release paste.

High-performance metallic-based release agent with a biologically degradable carrier fluid. For Better Performance on Bicycle and Motor-cycle Disc Brake Systems.
400 & 50 ml Spray can.
Performance Features
– Prevents and reduces brake squealing, without impairing
 the braking effect
– Simultaneously dissipates heat
– Prevents non-uniform wear
– Eliminates vibration on braking
– Increases braking safety
– Penetrates quickly into the
– Icroscopically small
– Pores, producing a uniform leveling-out of the surface
– Long-term protection against seizure and corrosion
– Temperature resistant: from -30°C to +1300°C.
Technical data
aerosol spray
Application temperature -20 to +60°C
high temperature

SyntLub ® K

Synthetic lubricant for the maintenance of chains and wire ropes.

SyntLub K is a synthetic lubricant that forms a transparent protective film and is effective in a temperature range from -45°C to +160°C.
It contains no organic fats, petrol derivatives or additions of silicone, molybdenum sulphide and Teflon. Thanks to its excellent capillary effect, it penetrates into the pores of the metal surface and forms a non-measurable separation film. it contains an effective anti-corrosion protection and a high-pressure additive, and separates hardened oil and grease residues.
Performance Features
SyntLub K
– Loosens resins and rust and has a cleaning effect
– Prevents the formation of rust
– Forms an outer skin on wire ropes
– Has good penetration properties, penetrating into
 microscopically small pores and gaps
– Infiltrates water and forms a protective film against moisture
– Has a high creep capability and is especially suited for small
– Economical in use.
SyntLub K is suitable for the lubrication of all types of chains and ropes, as well as all moving parts, joints, pins, etc.. For high vibrations and shock loads; wherever a transparent film is required.
Technical data
Application temperature -40 to +160°C
easy biodegradability
low temperature